What is the benefit of engaging a Buyer’s Agent?

An experienced and trusted Buyer’s Agent will listen attentively to your goals, identify the right property and location to suit your needs, find the right property for you and secure it for the right price in a quick timeframe. On average it takes an individual purchasing a home themselves 12 months to secure a property. At Murphy Jacobs, our average is 8-12 weeks. What exactly does a Buyer’s Agent do though? This is a question that many people still ask, so I wanted to give you some insight into what a Buyer’s Agent will do for you.

When working for you, a Buyer’s Agent will:

1.  Identify and locate or assist to find a suitable residential or investment property that best matches the client’s requirements and price bracket on the most favourable terms and conditions. In the current market, many Buyer’s Agents have access to properties that individuals in the public would not have access to so if you are ready to buy it can provide you with a wider selection of A-grade properties to choose from.

2. Independently research and confirm the properties actual value, structural integrity, planning, compliance and all other aspects that need to be researched and checked to ensure you have all of the information you need about the property you are planning to secure to make sure it is the right one for your individual circumstances.

3. Professionally represent client’s best interests with economical and successful auction bidding on the client’s behalf or successfully private sale negotiations. A Buyer’s Agent who is experienced is a great advantage when handling the process of securing the property because they will always know what the best move is to ensure that you not only secure the property, but that it is also for the right price and on the right terms.

4. Peruse and negotiate the terms and conditions of the sale to the client’s best advantage. A Buyer’s Agent will ensure that the terms and conditions are suitable for their clients individual situation and goals.

5. Provide clients with easy access to a wide range of trusted and competent legal, technical and financial professional services including advisors who can complete required documentation and inspections as required. These professional services are essential to each successful property acquisition and an experienced Buyer’s Agent will be able to guide you as to which experts to engage in which order to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible for you.

6. Provide impartial professional real estate advice in a confidential and efficient manner to best maximise client’s position within the transaction. A Buyer’s Agent who has substantial real estate experience will always know what the next best move is and will ensure that the buyer is always making informed decisions.

7. Diligently advise and supervise all legal aspects of the contract prior to exchange and a successful settlement. This includes recommending trusted legal professionals as they are needed.

8. Offer independent advice on the various types of property and, where necessary, discourage and prevent a client from acquiring a second class property asset at an inflated price.

9. Where possible, insulate and protect a client from unnecessary sales pressure and misleading information regarding the price, terms etc from the agent who is acting on behalf of the Vendor.

10. They should provide transparency regarding fees. At Murphy Jacobs, we offer under a fixed fee model where our clients always know upfront what our fees will be, regardless of what the final sale price is (as opposed to a percentage fee model some adopt which can be more complicated).

If you would like to find out more information about what I can do for you as your trusted and experienced Buyer’s Agent, when you secure your next investment property or family home, contact me via 1300 891 760 or paul@murphyjacobs.com.au. I would love to help you to secure the right property. 

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