Answers to common questions


A buyers agent is a qualified professional who specialises in purchasing property on behalf of the buyer. A buyers agent is incredibly valuable because they handle searching for and evaluating suitable properties as well as negotiating on your behalf. Having the right buyers agent negotiate for you is very valuable because they are an experienced professional so they know how to negotiate the best deal for you.

A buyers agent, also known as a buyers advocate, typically handles the process of searching for suitable properties, evaluating which is likely to be the most suitable option and then negotiating on your behalf in order to secure you the best deal.

As a buyers agent for you, our intention is to find you the most suitable property for your specific situation and goals. Initially, our experienced team will spend time with you to establish what your specific goals are – both short and long term. We will then devise a plan and strategy to suit your current position for an ideal outcome. We will then search and find the most suitable property for you. We have an extensive network of industry related connections and can, therefore, assist with both on market and off market purchases. Once we have identified a suitable property our team will conduct our due diligence process to ensure the property is in fact the right fit. At this stage you will be provided with a detailed report showing you all of the information you need to know to ensure that you can make an informed decision. Once you have selected the property you wish to purchase, our director Paul will utilise his 30 years of experience as a real estate agent to negotiate on your behalf and purchase the most suitable property for you at the best terms, conditions and price.

It is definitely beneficial if you can find the right buyers agent to work with because the benefit in terms of the skill, experience and network you have access too far outweighs the typically reasonable fees. It is incredibly beneficial to have an expert search for your property for you and help you establish the right strategy for your situation. It is also very valuable to have an expert negotiating on your behalf when purchasing the property because they have excellent negotiation skills and will not be fooled by any unethical tactics that may be used. A buyers agent is also non emotional about the purchase and therefore not likely to pay too much, which could cost you exponentially long term, in the heat of the moment.

A vendor advocate is a qualified professional who can help reduce the stress of selling your home by handling it for you. A vendor advocate will typically arrange an independent valuation, help you select a real estate agent who is suitable which involves reviewing submissions (including the fees) and advising you so you can make an informed decision rather than one you regret later. A vendor advocate will also be there with you to ensure the real estate agent delivers what was promised and assist you with any negotiation required when the actual sale occurs.

At Murphy Jacobs based on our extensive experience, we can provide you with valuable advice on presenting your home for sale as well as detailed guidelines on what to look out for when choosing the best real estate agent to sell your home. We will help you look at all options available in terms of selling your home and help you come up with the best strategy and pricing so that you can achieve the best possible outcome. We will also help you work out an appropriate and cost effective marketing plan for your home. We will also utilise our extensive experience in real estate to negotiate on your behalf so that you can achieve the best sale price for your home. Having decades of experience within the industry and having conducted over 3,000 auctions with exceptional results, you can trust our legitimate negotiation strategies for the sale of your home.