At Murphy Jacobs Property Advocates, our experienced team will guide you through all of the necessary 9 steps so that you can sell your property with an understanding of what is happening and with a clear indication of when is the best time to sell and what price is possible. As experts in vendors advocacy who have had decades of experience including a background as real estate agents, we understand the commonly faced frustrations of people selling in Melbourne and are also aware of, and can protect you from, the high pressure sales tactics some selling agents try and use. In supporting you to sell your home, our goal as vendor advocates in Melbourne's Brighton & Bayside area is to achieve the best possible price and make the process simple and educational rather than stressful. We won't stop until you have sold your property for the right price with "nothing left on the table."

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3 steps to selling Your Home for the Right Price

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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Presentation & Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent

Based on our experience, our vendor advocates can provide you with valuable advice on presenting your home for sale as well as detailed guidelines on what to look out for when choosing the best real estate agent to sell your home.


Comparing The Market

A Vendor Advocate will help you look at all options available for you in terms of selling your home in Melbourne and help you come up with the best strategy and pricing so that you can achieve the best possible outcome. We will also help you work out an appropriate and cost effective marketing plan for your home.


Securing A Top Price

We will utilise our extensive experience as vendor advocates in Melbourne as well as real estate advice to negotiate on your behalf, where having a vendor advocate can help you achieve the best sale price for your home. Having decades of experience within the industry as property advocates and also conducted over 3,000 auctions with exceptional results, you can trust in our legitimate negotiation strategies for the sale of your home.


Selling your home can be a stressful experience, especially if you don't really understand what is happening or take incorrect advice from someone who is not the right person to be advising you. We have unfortunately seen many cases where a homeowner has suffered a substantial loss due to listening to the wrong person.

Melbourne's property market is constantly in flux, so first we need to consider the timing of your sale. Influences such as seasonal trends, economic changes and even simple things like school holidays have shown to affect home sales by tens of thousands of dollars. We will support and educate you throughout the process of selling your home through our vendor advocacy services using our 9 step framework we have developed; from presentation right through to securing a top price at no additional cost to you the vendor.

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