Should you sell your property off market?

There has been much talk about off-market listings. If you are thinking of selling and toying with going off-market first then don’t.

As a Buyer’s Agent, most of the off-market properties I see are overpriced. The ones that are fairly priced we will buy for our clients and we will buy them well.

Here is the thing. If you want to sell then why go off-market and put your property to only 10% of the market, thinking you will save the marketing costs. It is a false economy. If you are selling then you want all of the buyers in that price range to inspect your home, not only a small percent of the buyer’s currently looking. Real Estate Agent’s always talk up their databases when in fact most Agent’s databases are hit and miss at the best of times.

There are 5 steps to getting a great sale price for your home:

1. Position your property in the right price range based on the recent sales in your area. If you are unsure get an independent sworn valuation done. By getting the price right will generate market response and create competition between buyers.

2. Get the right strategy in place for your type of property, whether it is a Private Sale, Auction, For Sale by tender or For Sale by set date.

3. Get the Marketing Campaign sorted for your property type such as listings on online portals, local paper, flyers, floor plans, photos (including drone shots if applicable), open for inspections and video. It is about spending your marketing money wisely and not wasting money unnecessarily.

4. Presentation. You never forget your first impression, and neither will your buyer! Declutter your home. It will open your home up and help showcase the best of your floor plan. If your house needs painting, just do it because it will make the world of difference. Do those jobs around the home you have been putting off and make repairs to anything that needs doing. It may also be a good idea to engage the services of a home stylist to help present your home in the best manner.

5. Select the best Real Estate Agent. The choice of a Real Estate Agent is very important. If you get it wrong you have wasted the first 4 steps we have just talked about. It is not always the Real Estate Agent with the biggest profile or who sells the most who is the best. The right Real Estate Agent is the one who sells the most homes for more. It is about their experience, their local knowledge and their skills as a negotiator. The right Real Estate Agent can make all of the difference to the final sale price.

If you follow these 5 steps you will get a great price and have a stress-free sale.

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