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If you are currently searching for your next property, and want to secure the right one so you can make the right decision and maximise the growth possible, then download our exclusive 5 steps to buying the right property guide. 

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Know the market - research is the key to success

Find out what you should research including how you can do it.

Find out how a selling agent operates

Understanding the position of the Selling Agent puts you in a much more powerful position and can help you ensure a better outcome for you.

Dot your I's and cross your T's.

Find out what you should have in place so that you can be prepared when you make your next purchase.

The Art of an approach

Find out what to do and when in order to achieve the right outcome.

Strategic Negotiation

Find out what you should be focusing on in the negotiation phase so you can be strategic when you purchase your property.

Who is Paul Murphy?

Paul Murphy is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent with 30 years experience. His long time involvement with auction, private sale, investments and the tender process has equipped Paul with an outstanding professional understanding of the Real Estate Market as well as an understanding of people and their needs.

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