Expert, Independent Property Advisory and Real Estate Services.
Paul Murphy, Director


Expert, independent sales advisory and real estate services.
Paul Murphy, Director

Murphy Jacobs
Property Advocates Melbourne


Our dedicated property advocates have eons of it in buying and selling property right here in Melbourne. With a wash of industry awards and accomplishments in our wake, Murphy Jacob’s experience includes a sixth sense of anticipating pitfalls where we will poke out a virtual foot to trip them before any chance of taking hold, making the buying or selling process smooth for you. Experience is seeing what a buyer wants before they it themselves, and in sharing that with you, the seller so you can catch them when they walk across your threshold.

For first time sellers or buyers, or long term property investors, handing your keys to Murphy Jacobs gives you two promises:

1. The brief is professionally handled from open home to settlement day.

2. We will give you our best to give you the best result so you can realise your future dreams.

We strive to place success on your bank balance as we enter these property negotiations we so love, to bring you the best possible outcome.

Make your home work hard for you, leave it to Murphy’s Law.


Best Solutions for Your Property

Take advantage of our 30+ years of experience navigating Melbourne’s Property Market with our range of Buying and Selling Solutions

Murphy Jacobs

Buyers Agent Advocate

  • Whether you’re a first time property buyer, lacking confidence, or an experienced time-poor property mogul, our independent advocate services at Murphy Jacobs will guide you through this delicate process.
  • We can also cater personal Property Investment Advocacy services suited to your individual needs.

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